Kitchen architecture perfectly executed!

Materials and material combinations as well as top notch quality kitchen technology invite you to creatively design your dream kitchen. Sophisticated materials, uncomplicated shapes and a clearly structured architecture turn our designer kitchens into the heart of your home, whatever the size of your kitchen. Whether you choose a closed kitchen, whether you have room for a spacious island solution or whether you prefer a design that opens into the living area, there are no limits to your personal creativity. The well-engineered kitchen system, the variety of fine materials and material combinations as well as top notch quality kitchen technology invite you to creatively design your dream kitchen.



Flash 456 / 450

The 456 Midnight blue high gloss / 450 White high gloss

Brilliantly Combined!

The combination of blue and white high gloss fronts lend this kitchen a modern, fresh atmosphere. And the high gloss surfaces make the kitchen appear larger. The niche cladding in "beach" decor under scores the nautical look. Just one of many possibilities for creating customised accents in the niche.



Pura 834


The 834 Lacquer, white high gloss

Lux 828


828 Lacquer, magma high gloss

Lux 838


The Lux 838 Lacquer, sand high gloss

Primo 702


The Primo 702 Ivory high gloss

Xeno 660


The Xeno 660 Champagne metallic ultra high gloss

Focus 462


The Focus 462 Lacquer, ivory ultra high gloss

Highlight 962


The Highlight 962 Lacquer, white ultra high gloss/Glass Fineline

Highlight 965


The highlight 965 Lacquer, white ultra high gloss/Walnut repro, black high gloss glass

Highlight 960


The highlight 960 Lacquer, white ultra high gloss/Glass Mikado high gloss

Vetra 953

The Vetra 953 Real glass, premium white matt

Designs With Glass!

The trend for glass kitchen fronts continues unaba- ted. Rightly so, we think, since this natural material is incredibly variable, gives a superb depth effect and is extremely easy to care for. Whether in a matt or high gloss – glass fronts turn your kitchen into a visual highlight with lasting appeal.



Vetra 951


The Vetra 951 Real glass, white high gloss

Feel 807


The Feel 807 Lacquer, honed sand

Laser 411


The Laser 411 Premium White

Feel 810


The Feel 810 Lacquer, honed white

Focus 465


The Focus 465 Lacquer, mineral grey ultra high gloss

Focus 467


The Focus 467 Lacquer, sand ultra high gloss

Laser Plus 480


The Laser Plus 480, Premium white/Light oak plank reproduction

Rio 689 / Laser 418

The Rio 689 Flared oak reproduction
& the Laser 418 Ivory matt

Rio 698


The Rio 698, Oak Provence reproduction

Laser 415

The Laser 415 Sand Real glass, premium white matt

Dining area variations.

With 10 cm thick console panels and 5 cm thick uprights, small dining areas can be beautifully designed to save space. Ideal as a breakfast area or for a quiet moment with a cappuccino. We deliver them in precisely crafted dimensions for a perfect fit and in various attractive decors.



Speed 282 / Rio 666


The Speed 282 Magma & The Rio 666 Virgina oak reproduction

Laser 415 / Rio 374


The Laser 415 Sand & The Rio 374 Nautical pine reproduction

Grado 552


The Grado 552 Virginia oak reproduction

Small and Well-Organised!

Even if your kitchen covers only a few square metres, such as in very narrow kitchen layouts, you still don't have to forego a functional and well-organised kitchen. Our comprehensive kitchen system provides you with multifaceted and individualised possibilities for an optimal kitchen plan. And according to your own particular wishes, such as with our design suggestion in ivory softmatt, even with an integrated dining area.



Speed 271


The Speed 271 Sand

Speed 206


The Speed 206 Magnolia softmatt