For connoisseurs - the modern cottage look!

Love of the country and country life - these concepts are in great demand and the trend toward a new naturalness is enjoying increased popularity. Clear, simple shapes, soft lines and natural decors and colours are characteristic of the modern cottage style. Numerous charming details such as wickerwork basket pull-outs mullion fronts or vintage-style handles lend this kitchen an authentic appearance with a feel good factor. Thanks to innovative kitchen technology, this results in a successful union of the traditional and the modern.



Chalet 885


The Chalet 885 Lacquer, honed white

Chalet 881


The Chalet 881 Lacquer, honed sand

The Charm is in the Details!

Allow this classic kitchen composition in genuine lacquer to captivate you. A real treasure for connoisseurs of modern cottage style kitchens. Beautifully realised here in an open kitchen design with island solution.



With loving attention to details!

The finely profiled framed doors and framed glass doors with glazing bars are characteristic of these modern cottage style kitchens. Together with the cornice profile and light pelmet, the perfectly coordinated pilasters frame the kitchen elegantly and give it a Mediterranean feel. This model kitchen shows how traditional style elements and modern kitchen design fit together beautifully.



Flair 424


The Flair 424 Lacquer, honed ivory

Castello 390


The Castello 390 Washed ivory

Chalet 883


The Chalet 883 Lacquer, honed ivory

Arte 522


Arte 522 White high gloss

Aviano 471


The Aviano 471 Lacquer, honed white