LINE N - handleless kitchen aesthetics!

Modern designer kitchens appear large with straight lines. High quality lacquer fronts or perfectly crafted matt fronts with seamless, laser-welded edges are best shown to advantage without handles. Handleless fronts automatically create the impression of a linear and uniform appearance. It is no wonder, then, that handleless kitchens have advanced to the ranks of new designer kitchens.



Lux 819


The LUX 819 Lacquer, satin grey high gloss

Focus 472


The Focus 472 Lacquer, black ultra high gloss

Laser 413


The Laser 413, Mineral Grey

Brilliant Perspectives!

The fascination with high gloss kitchens is almost impossible to resist. Our new high gloss kitchens in the handleless LINE N design are exceptionally elegant and refined.



Laser 416


The Laser 416, White

Laser 417


The Laser 417, Satin grey

Riva 896


The Riva 896, Montana pine reproduction

Irresistibly Elegant!

In keeping with the motto "less is more", the look of a LINE N kitchen is determined by a reduction in the essential lines. In the process, the integrated recessed handle is more than a practical way to open a door: It sets the tone as a horizontal style element of the new kitchen and impresses not only chefs with a taste for design.



Laser 411


The Laser 411, Premium White

Focus 462


The Focus 462 Lacquer, ivory ultra high gloss

Reva 893


The Reva 893, Sanremo oak reproduction

Aesthetics and Variety!

The selection of fronts and elements from LINE N leaves virtually nothing to be desired. A total of 19 modern and finely crafted fronts as well as around 500 different cabinets are available. The planned end of run for LINE N kitchens can be varied in terms of design and appearance by adding end or front uprights.



White temptation with colourful accents!

White kitchens are still a favourite of many people. How about this white dream, punctuated with a little colourful accent? Here is a suggestion from our current product range in the COLOR CONCEPT colour ink.


A Tasteful Mix!

With the new solid colours and wood decors LINE N kitchens can be combined beautifully. The collection includes a total of 19 decors and six coloured handle profiles in stainless steel finish, premium white, white, ivory, satin grey and sand. The LINE N profiles can optionally be equipped with LED lighting and Emotion technology. This technology allows the light colour to be adjusted infinitely.