Colourful, Cheerful, Carefree!

Colours affect emotions, create moods and influence our attitude toward life. Although the initial focus should be on practical considerations when planning a new kitchen: Choosing just the right colours is ultimately what sets the tone for the unique atmosphere that you are looking for. This selection is decisive for the living environment. Whether understated, dominating or used selectively as accents - with our collection you can allow your imagination as well as your talent for combining free reign. New, stylish front colours and the colour palette of our COLOR CONCEPT bring new design possibilities.



Speed 285 / 260


The Speed 285, Daytona softmatt & The Speed 260 Montana pine reproduction

Speed 287


The Speed 287 Orange Softmatt

Gloss 870


The Gloss 870 Red High Gloss

New Accents with COLOR CONCEPT!

offers plenty of design freedom when it comes to targeted colour use in the kitchen. In addition to the five colours: Curry, Orange, Fern, Ink and Salsa, all 17 carcase colours are also available in additional solids and wood reproductions for combining.



Speed 256


The Speed 256, Mineral Grey

Laser 416


The Laser 416 White

Feel 810


The Feel 810, Lacquer, honed white

Laser 416


The Laser 416 White

Pia 506


The Pia 506, Terra Black

Highlights for niches